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Jewelry Repair and Restoration in Orange

Watches are jewelry too. At The Jewelry Doctor in Orange, you can get watch repair of the same quality as our jewelry repair and restoration. Because we have a top jewelry appraiser on staff, you will know the true value of your pieces. That way, you can make an informed decision about whether repairing or restoring them is worth it or not. We're a fine watch repair store as well as a fabulous custom jewelry store. Remember, we have a warranty on all products, so your needed repairs won't dent your wallet.

We also do plating, which is something not every watch repair store does. We even do other stores' work when it comes to plating. As stated, we also do jewelry enameling, especially Hawaiian heirloom pieces. And, because we're in a mall, you can drop off your pieces for repair and hit the movies while we work. That's because we offer same-day service.

Heirlooms are extra-precious not only because of the sentimental value they carry but also because of the materials that were more readily available then than now. We'll take special care of any heirlooms that are missing stones or lacking in luster. We'll do our utmost to make sure the "four Cs" of your past remain as close to the original as possible while sprucing up the color, sparkle, and overall look of your priceless piece. Even when soldering, we'll keep the same look and "presence" of the original piece, and we guarantee all work.

Despite the care with which we will handle your heirlooms, you won't have to wait longer than our published time of one to three weeks, although it will likely be closer to three than one. Of course, we would never rush such a delicate job! As an engagement ring store, we're always cognizant of how important such a ring is to you and your betrothed. Call today for more information or visit us at one of our two locations.

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